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A short documentary

This is a short biographical documentary of Francis Home (Sam) Popham, who helped in the creation of the IFS Popham Arboretum in Dambulla, Sri Lanka. This story tells how a wasteland that was about to become a mango plantation became the last stand for endangered species in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. 

Through the words of Jayabuddhi Amarasinghe, the botanist, the formation and importance of the IFS-Popham Arboretum is expressed.

Through this story, we learn nature’s regenerative qualities and the intricate connections with other beings. This unique habitat is home to several indigenous and endemic species.

Many of the plant species have medicinal properties. Rare species of animals such as the Pangolin and the Grey Slender Loris live here. This place has been a case study in the field of botany and reforestation.

The fast depleting forests due to industrialisation in the neighbouring areas have made this arboretum the last stand for the endangered species in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka.

The Way of Nature: Welcome


Meeting the man in person

The moment we were greeted by Prof Jayabuddhi, we had a story to capture.

The Way of Nature: Welcome

The film was screened at the Assembly Room Theatre Hall for the Ooty Film Festival, India.

The Way of Nature: Text

"I want to give more oxygen to the air" - Prof. Jayabuddhi Amarsinghe

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